Live Wrestling at the Trocadero!!

After shooting some promo videos with Troma Entertainment, my friend Elizabeth and I were asked to perform some burlesque at an upcoming live taping of “Kabukiman’s Cocktail Corner” at the Trocadero, for Average Superstar Film’s event, Liberty Massacre (2). So we did just that, except we made it a much better version of burlesque.. OUR version! We decided we wanted to do a live wrestling match for the Super Tromette Title Booty Belt! For good measure, there was a teeny bit of dancing,  jackets came off, and it was timed to Entombed’s “Seeing Red”. We didn’t have much time, but we busted our asses scripting, costuming and choreographing, and pulled it off!!

Originally, Labia Leakstra (my character) was to be pitted against Shabu Shabu (Elizabeth’s first character). In a random, vicious attack during a previous taping, LL squashed SS on camera- humiliating her all throughout Tromaville! At the end of the “match”, Leakstra smashed her STD ridden goo all over Shabu’s face. We learned at the Trocadero event, that Shabu later died from the incident- will it be the last we see of her?

Here you can see the gallery of LL versus her newest opponent, Double D. Mentia (Elizabeth)!!! Straight from Tromasylum, still in her straight jacket- she was thrilled to be out on a day pass!  After bringing her ass all the way from the toxic junkyard of Tromaville, Leakstra was not pleased with the last minute change up, and was ready to shed blood! At the end of the match, the audience declared a tie, but these girls weren’t having it! They clotheslined their announcer, grabbed the “Title Booty Belt” and walked off together. Could this be foreshadowing of a future alliance?

Stay tuned, because this won’t be the last you see from these two badass babes!


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