Dottie Riot’s Music Revue presents: METAL BURLESQUE!!

Doors at 9pm

Show starts at 10pm

Hosted by the NecroSexual
Kittening by Cameron Catastrophe

With performances by
Dangrrr Doll (NYC)
Cherry Bomb
Stephanie “Stephxecutioner” Anders
Hattie Harlowe
Dottie Riot
Liberty Rose

Come celebrate METAL in the most brutal & sexy way possible!  


                  MC: The Necrosexual                                           Stephxecutioner




necrosexual stephxecutioner

Liberty Rose                                                     Hattie Harlow

liberty rose hattie harlow

Cherry Bomb                                                    Dangrrr Doll

cherry bomb dangrrr doll

Kittening By: Cameron Catastrophe

cameron catastrophe