*Sailor Jerry Burlesque* Bottom’s Up!!

I don’t post here as much as I should.. So let me update with something completely different! Just kidding, it’s a combination of everything.

Last Thursday,  I was happy to be a part of Garden State Beard & Mustache Society’s “Stalker Stalker Con”, a birthday party for Joe Stalker himself! It’s been a while since I have performed for them- thanks AC Beerfest for bringing us back together lol


I hosted the “Arm Wrestle A Pinup” contest with my SJ sister, Eleanor, and we dominated those beardos! The entertainment for the evening was a great mixture of covers. We had “Deaf Rhino” performing Black Sabbath, “Gay Guy/Straight Guy” with “Yawn Mower” who did a kickass collection of Nirvana and Weezer covers, and “Headmotor” doing.. well.. I think you get it. All the bands killed it!

I premiered my new Sailor Jerry routine, to the tune of Bottom’s Up by Van Halen. I’m very happy with how this outfit ended up! Between all the other fun I’ve been having with traveling, campouts and work, I got strep throat and was out of commission for a bit there. I trekked on and finished it all in the nick of time! I hope to do this one again soon!



After that, it was business as usual.. I’d like to mention Matt Chrystal of GSB&MS made a fine sub for the evening! *insert pics here, someone*  So did a few others!


Happy birthday, Joe!