Welcome to Stephxecutioner’s Store!

This is where you can buy all content and merch Stephanie has for sale!

  • Email  for orders, inquiries, custom requests, to have your prints signed, calculate shipping, etc. Payments are accepted through Venmo, Ca$h App, or PayPal [ friends and family if you choose PayPal. You are friends aren’t you? 😉 ]
  • Note: Stephanie is available for a range of custom video work, is non-judgemental, and is very open to many concepts. Her HARD boundaries are no *visible* open leg content, and no *visible* penetration. Any requests for this content will be declined, so maintain respect and do not bother asking. Stephanie owns the rights to video content and does not give permission for reposting or resale. Again, just be a dude not a dick. ❤

Stephanie’s private video content catalogue available for purchase:


“VLURCH” is live, digital presentations the regularly scheduled monthly event, “Slut Church”.  10 minute sets of kink infused gogo/burlesque from your favorite congregants and the hottest featured performers! Support this artist by purchasing your own copy of her monthly sets! All episodes are $20 each.


  • Nun fetish! Low budget giantess! Oscar nominated camera work! Sex worker humor! This performance has it all!
  • Features music from Type O Negative, Amon Amarth, and The Bloodhound Gang.

VLURCH 2- $20:

  • Valhalla at your girl! Stephxecutioner returns and she is dressed to KILL. Leather gauntlets, spiked bra and heels and plenty of Whiskey to go round. Take a trip back to the 90’s with your favorite shieldmaiden. Skål!!
  • Features music from Children of Bodom, Garbage and Korn.


VLURCH 3 – $20:

  • In episode 3, Stephxecutioner gets you warmed up with a long, sultry slow burn to Type O Negative, and finishes fast and heavy with Månegarm! If you’re looking for sensuality, this is your episode!

VLURCH 4 – $20:

  • In episode 4, Stephxecutioner is a regular needle in a hostack! This one is for all you outlaws over yonder. Giddy up with her and her posse, “The Assguardians”! For $20 in gold, you can take her set back to your camp and cook up something nice by the fire any time you please! Features music from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, a metal cover of Ginuwine and Pantera.

VLURCH 5 – $20:

  • Stephxecutioner’s 5th installment of Virtual Slut Church is absolutely the most risque to date! This Wild Child turned Glamster Groupie takes you on an adventure set in the 80’s, complete with big hair, copious amounts of neon animal print and “80’s drugs”. Join SX whie she waits in line to see Priest Daddy for her drive-by quirt gun blessing, AKA PopeSquirt 2020! Glam out with you clam out with this IG LIVE version recording, and enjoy your own ERUPTION any time you like! Complete with live technical and wardrobe malfunctions! Find out what got her kicked off of IG LIVE!

VLURCH 6 – $20:

  • Stephxecutioner’s performance from 9.26.20. A complete 180 from August’s insanity, September’s set was dedicated to fiery and beautiful goddess energy. A sensual slow burn, with Celtic, witchy aesthetic to welcome the autumn equinox. Features music from Deftones and Alice in Chains.

IMG_1221 IMG_1222 IMG_1223 IMG_1224

*Oh Canada! – $50 – 8 mins* (BEST SELLER)

  • Pinup Lingerie/Heels, HEAVY Dominant Descriptive Dirty Talking, POV, “Realistic” Suction Dildo Teasing/Oral/OTP Mast/Breast Fucking, HEAVY Saliva/Spitting,  Deep Throating, Topless

*Rainbow Spitty Titty – $40 – 5 mins*

  • Neon Rainbow thong/bikini, HEAVY Breast Play including Rough Nipple Play, Topless, HEAVY Spitting & Saliva Play, *one tiny kitten mew*

*Mother Interior – $40 – 5 mins *

  • Sexy Nun, Heels, OTP Mast, Nun Dildo Oral, Spitting, Deep Throating, Topless, Simulated Strap-on Mast Play, Breast Fucking via Dildo

*MissterBator – $60- 9 mins*


  •  Nude thigh highs, OTP Mast, UTP Mast, Feet, Topless, Pink Vibrator Mast, Orgasm

*ShowerSteph – $40 – 2 mins*


  • Nude (full front/back), soap, breast play

*Happy Ending – $60 – 10:29*

IMG-1372 IMG-1371

  • Topless, heels, nude thigh highs, massage simulation, oil, breast play, OTP + UTP mast, toy play, orgasm, oral w/toy

*Föötie- $75 – 15 mins – NO AUDIO*


  • Nude, full body oil, breat play, heavy foot play, foot worship, simulated footjob with “realistic” suction dildo

*Tubs Out, Tits Out – $50 – 10 mins- NO AUDIO*


  • Topless, thong, oil, HEAVY breast play, light breast abuse, chest fucking with “realistic” suction dildo

Digital Photos/Sets For Sale!

All photos are 1 for $10, 3 for 25, 6 for $50 (if buying 1 or 3, list preference for front, back or both)

             *Love Day*                   *Top Secret Naturist*

234484F9-0D45-4076-BCE5-C3144A920DB5        IMG-0962

You can buy 8×11 and 11×17 prints of Stephxecutioner here!

Stephanie Anders Poster 11×17 – $15


Stephanie’s Prints
Order any of the below 8×11 prints by emailing and requesting them by their number! $10 each or three for $25!


“Property of Stephxecutioner” 2.75×2.75″ – $1



Stephxecutioner is now making a series of Custom Pasties in limited editions based on her own designs! The first original set in the series is the “MACETIE“! Order your own hand made set, custom sized for you! Starting at only $50! Email for your personalized order today!

Other designs:

Heartbreaker $30


USED Stephxecutioner clothing items:

Gloves #1 – $30                                                                        Tights #1 – $40                                                                        Bodysuit #1 – $50


Thanks for shopping! Check back for new items! ❤

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